About Us

Paws For Enrichment is not your average pet store selling treats and harnesses. We are a one-stop shop for canine and feline enrichment. We are a small female-owned business based in Sydney, NSW.

Our mission is to encourage pet owners to "paws" and take some time out of their day to stimulate their pet's mind and senses through play and training.

Our range of high-quality, durable and adorable goods were carefully curated to meet and satisfy your furry best friend's needs. We supply a limited amount of each product to ensure that we offer you new innovative designs, and different delicious flavours.

You can also find us at local markets across Sydney view products in person.


Our Story

Paws For Enrichment all started because of our CEO (Chief Enrichment Officer), Alfie, who loves to "work" for his food. When Alfie was a little puppy, it was a struggle to get him to eat and be interested in his regular food. He began eating and gaining weight after introducing dog puzzles and hide-and-seek toys.

Judy, the owner of Paws For Enrichment, was introduced to the world of enrichment after researching about puppy ownership, and ways of working on separation anxiety and toilet training a puppy in an apartment. She found that many pet store staff lacked knowledge about their products, and she spent a lot of money to trial if products worked for Alfie.

Paws For Enrichment aims to be a one-stop shop for all things enrichment.