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Catit Senses Food Tree

Catit Senses Food Tree

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Your cat will naturally start pawing out treats, as using their paws to get to food is instinctive cat behavior. Hence, the Catit Senses Food Tree plays on your cat’s natural instinct by tempting them to put in an effort for treats or food, which helps keep them both active and entertained.

The Catit Food Tree has an inner disc with three settings that enable you to adjust the opening sizes, allowing for more or less food to travel through. This slow feeder can be used with dry food and treats but is also fit for use with small toys for a fun-filled playtime.



- Interactive tree-shaped slow feeder
- Has three tiers and multiple openings
- Three disc settings to manage movement of food
- Narrow top opening prevents cheating
- Whisker-friendly collector tray
- Wide base for stability
- Made of BPA-free materials

Life Stage

Suitable for cats and kittens

Tips & Tricks


27cm x 4.5cm x 14.5 cm

Care Instructions

No toy is indestructible. Your dog’s safety is your responsibility. Choose only toys that are the appropriate shape and size for your dog and always supervise your dog when using this toy. If damaged, immediately discard and replace this toy.

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