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Outward Hound

Nina Ottosson A-Maze Ball Dog Puzzle Treat Ball

Nina Ottosson A-Maze Ball Dog Puzzle Treat Ball

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Level 2.

3 TOYS IN 1: Includes a large maze ball, treat stuffer ball, and a tennis ball.


Level 2.
3 TOYS IN 1: Includes a large maze ball, treat stuffer ball, and a tennis ball. The A-Maze Ball is an interactive dog ball puzzle toy from Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound that is three toys in one! It includes a treat ball, tennis ball, and maze ball for extra enrichment and extended play, keeping your dog busy and mentally stimulated. Your dog will be rewarded with both treats or food, and balls.

BOREDOM BUSTER: This interactive dog ball puzzle keeps dogs busy and mentally stimulated.

PHYSICAL & MENTAL EXERCISE: This maze ball is a toy and a puzzle in one that provides a fun way to practice your dog's problem-solving skills. HOW IT WORKS: Fill the blue treat stuffer ball with treats and place into the large maze ball, add the tennis ball as a locking ball. Once your dog releases the blue ball and the tennis ball, they have to roll it along to release the treats from both the large A-Maze Ball and the blue treat ball.

FEEDER: The A-Maze Ball works great as a puzzle feeder, a fun way to let the dog work on rolling out the food. The big maze ball has 8 maze chambers inside, which the dog has to roll out the food from. This Level 2 puzzle is fun for all dogs regardless of age, size, or breed. INSERT MORE TOYS: You can also insert a standard 2.5" tennis ball or Outward Hound's medium-sized Squeaker Ballz into the A-Maze Ball.

PLAY IT SAFE: No toy is indestructible. Do not leave toys with unsupervised dog. Remove and replace toy if damaged.

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21 x 21 cm

Care Instructions

SAFETY & CARE: When choosing a toy, make sure to choose an appropriate size/style/level for your dog. No toy or game is indestructible. ALWAYS supervise your dog closely, teach your dog how the game/toy works. Do not leave the dog alone with a treat game/toy, do not let the dog chew on the game/toy or pieces. Inspect regularly for damage and remove if broken, or if parts become separated, as serious injury may result. For dogs only, not a children's toy. When empty, store until next supervised use.

HOW TO CLEAN: The large outer maze ball is made of flexible plastic that is easy to clean – simply fill with warm water and mild soap, shake, rinse out, and air dry.

No toy is indestructible. Your dog’s safety is your responsibility. Choose only toys that are the appropriate shape and size for your dog and always supervise your dog when using this toy. If damaged, immediately discard and replace this toy.

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