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Zippy Paws

Zippy Paws Zippy Burrow - Ice Chest Esky + 3 Beers

Zippy Paws Zippy Burrow - Ice Chest Esky + 3 Beers

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The Burrow, designed with a single opening, allows you to place the toys inside, satisfying your dog's innate digging and burrowing instincts. Each toy in the set features a lively squeaker, ensuring an extra element of excitement. Whether used independently or with other Zippy Burrows in your collection, this toy set promises to make playtime an exhilarating challenge for your furry friend!


  • Interactive hide-and-seek dog toy perfect for hiding treats
  • One Burrow opening to stuff toys inside and encourage your dog to “burrow” for them
  • Each miniature plush small dog toy includes one squeaker and can be used separately
  • Helps keep your dog’s mind sharp and provides more mentally challenging entertainment
  • Soft and plush material that provides gentle play and bedtime snuggles for your pet
  • Great for all dogs to enjoy!

*Note: Squeaky toys may be too small for large dogs. Please supervise play to ensure your dog’s safety.

Set Includes: Ice Chest Esky + 3 Drinks


      DIMENSIONS: Approx. 17cm x 12cm x 14cm

      Why Do Dogs Burrow or Dig? Maybe you’ve seen your dog bury their toys in the backyard or duck under your covers. The burrowing or digging behaviour is common among dogs, and there are several common reasons for this instinctive action. So what causes your dog to do this?
      - Security and Comfort: In the wild, some animals burrow to create safe homes for their families, and your dog’s natural burrowing instincts can cause them to search some type of safety or comfort. If your dog is stressed or afraid, they can start burrowing in random areas, such as your bed or couch, to relieve themselves and find comfort and security.
      - Desire to Bond: If your dog burrows under the covers to get closer to you, it’s a way for them to bond with you and be close to you.
      - The Cold: To keep warm, your dog may burrow somewhere to find warmth. Simple as that!

      Note: Always consult your vet if you think your dog’s burrowing behaviour has become more obsessive and has increased in frequency over time. This can be caused by a number of things, such as stress due to a new environment. Burrowing toys like the Zippy Burrow is meant for entertainment purposes, but may help with satisfying your dog’s instincts of burrowing

      Life Stage

      Tips & Tricks

      Use this burrow toy as a slow feeder by putting in your dog's dry food or favourite treats inside. Add in the miniature toys for the extra challenge.



      Care Instructions

      No toy is indestructible. Your dog’s safety is your responsibility. Choose only toys that are the appropriate shape and size for your dog and always supervise your dog when using this toy. If damaged, immediately discard and replace this toy.

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